PennKey Tools

Create, manage, and project your PennKey user name using the following applications:

Register your PennKey
Using a PennKey setup code, create your PennKey username and set your password.  

PennKey Recovery Service Settings
If you are enrolled, the PennKey Recovery Service enables you to reset your password online.  To enroll or update your security questions, go to the settings page.

Request a PennKey Setup Code
Use the Setup Code Service to have setup code sent to you via U.S. mail.

Change your PennKey Password
To change a known password, use the Change PennKey Password application. You will need to log in using your PennKey username and current password.  NOTE: If you ever believe your password has been compromised, change it immediately and report the incident to the Office of Information Security at

Test your PennKey username and/or password
Not sure your PennKey is working? Use the "Test my PennKey" application to check.

Two-Step Verification
Add an additional layer of protection by enrolling in Penn's multi-factor authentication, Two-Step Verification. For more information about this service, visit