Help for Alumni

Help for Alumni

I need a PennKey

I forgot my PennKey username

If you can't remember your PennKey username, use the Forgot PennKey username tool.

I forgot my PennKey password

If you can't remember your PennKey password:

My PennKey doesn't work!

Test your PennKey with the Test My PennKey application.

If you can successfully log into the test application:

  • Your PennKey username and password are correct and working. You likely lack the necessary authorization to access a PennKey-protected online resource. Contact the owner of that resource for assistance.

If the Test My PennKey application confirms it is not working:

Where's my PennKey setup code?

Visit PennKey-ASAP for alumni-specific PennKey information.

I want to change my PennKey username

Once a PennName is assigned to a person, that PennName can only be changed under one of the following conditions:

  • a legal name change
  • a PennName is deemed offensive to the Penn community
  • reported email harassment or threats that warrant a change

If you have one of the legitimate reasons above for changing an assigned PennName, please contact