Help for Retirees

Help for Retirees

I need a PennKey

Step 1: Get a Setup Code - You have several options:

  • Pick up a Setup Code in-person at a PennKey Administration Station.
  • You can ask for a Setup Code when you pick up your PennCard.

Step 2: Use the Setup Code to create your PennKey username and password. Log in to the PennKey registration application with your Setup Code and follow the prompts.

I forgot my PennKey username/password

If you forgot your PennKey username, use the Forgot PennKey username tool.

If you forgot your password, you must reset it yourself using one of the methods described here. No one can retrieve your password or reset it for you.

  • If you previously enrolled in SSPR, use the Reset Forgotten Password function to reset your password.
  • If you're not enrolled in SSPR, you must obtain a new Setup Code to reset your PennKey password. 
    • Visit the correct PennKey administration station with the necessary photo IDs.

TIP: Consider enrolling in SSPR in order to easily reset a forgotten password online.

My PennKey doesn't work!

Test your PennKey with the Test My PennKey application.

If you can successfully log into the test application:

  • Your PennKey username and password are correct and working. You likely lack the necessary authorization to access a PennKey-protected online resource. Contact the owner of that resource for assistance.

If the Test My PennKey application confirms it is not working:

Where's my PennKey Setup Code?