About PennKey

About PennKey

A PennKey username and password are required to access many of the University’s online resources and services.

Your PennKey username
Your username is unique. In many schools and centers, your username will also be used for your email address. Choose your PennKey username wisely!

Your PennKey password
To protect your personal information and Penn resources, your PennKey password needs enough length, variety, and unpredictability to qualify as secure. You should never, under any circumstances, share your PennKey password with anyone.

Two-Step Verification
Add a second layer of protection in addition to your PennKey password by enrolling in Two-Step Verification. Anyone can enroll, while all active Penn faculty, staff, and students are required to do so. Learn more and enroll in Two-Step Verification to protect your data as well as Penn's data.

More information about PennKey: